Radially shrinking yarn carrier tube for steaming and dyeing

Your best choice for shrinking yarns

• Flex-DIA is an expendable tube aimed at the requirements of fteaming and dyeing of shrinking yarns.
• The use of Flex-DIA is recommended for processing many fibers, i.e. Nylon and polyester, Silk and Silk blends, Polyester and Cotton blends, sewing threads, core-yarns, etc.
• Flex-DIA; eliminates two winding two winding procedures. In fact, yarn steaming prior to package dyeing is no longer necessary as the same result is obtained simultaneously during the dyeing operations. The dyed package can then go straight to the next process, avoiding final backwinding.
• The structure is designed as to allow uniform radial shrinkage along the length of the tube, permitting yhe yarn next to the wall of the tube an area in which to relax.
• Optimal flow of the dye liquor gives an even, level dyeing inside, middle and outside of the yarn packade.
• Tube length, top ID and base ID remain unchanged after retraction.
• Flex-DIA provides successfull "transfer-trail" operation.
• Retraction levels up to 30%.
• Greige package density can be increased up to 30% compared to a compressible dye tube, keeping the same package diameter.
• Dyeing productivity is similar to plastic dye springs, with no compression of yarn
• Available in a wide veriety of lengths and diameters to meet the requirements of most yarn dyeing systems.