Self-Stack (Telescopic) Dye Tube

Increase productivity and improve quality in yarn package dyeing

• Possibility to compress the yarn from 0 up to 40% thanks to different penetration depths (from 20 mm. to 60 mm.)
• Improves dye quality, reduces dye costs, and increases productivitiy (up to 40%) cmpared to traditional yarn carriers. It can add up to four extra packages per spindle.
• The ribless surface of Maripress Unix can be adapted to any type of textile machinery, including Open End spinning systems.
• The inside structurei with no compulsory orientation, allows the utmost freedom in the package nesting stage, making it ideal for all types of automated loading systems.
• The Colombo version has a special reduction design for small spindles, while still providing larger take-up, diameter packages. Cylindrical-like packages are obtained on machinery equipped to run traditional dye cones (4° 20' - 5°57' and others), simply by a adjusting the angle of the carrier arm.
• The result is a compact, even, cylindrical column formed in less time and at a lower cost.
• Maripress can be manufactured in diffrent plastic raw materials and weights, from PP up to renforced and special high temperature resins.
• Available in a wide veriety of lengths and diameters to meet the requirements of most yarn dyeing systems.
• The dyeing column may be complated with a cover cap, available in various heights and diameters.