• Our Roving Tubes Produced with Automation Process.

• The material used in our Roving Tubes production is Prime Material with Glass Fiber Reinforced and has the top resistant to customer’s processes.

• Our Roving Tubes are produced by the exact dimensions and designs of Ring Spinning Machine Producers’ technical drawings.

• Our Ninja Roving Tube designed for AUTO TRANSPORT SYSTEMS to protect your yarn flows to groud while in transport system. (PATENTED)

• Our Roving Tubes’ FABRIC VELVET is not attached with GLUE PROCESS,it is directly INJECTED PLASTIC so there will be no loose of fabric velvet in the life time of the tube. (PATENTED)

• Our Roving Tubes can be de-assambled by the help of a tool which will be given by us.You can easily change the demaged parts which are because of handling inside the plant , like head or fabric velvet of the tube. (PATENTED)

• Our Ring Tubes produced by ISO 368 standarts.